Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Grazing School Agenda

The plans for the grazing school are coming into the final stages. We have a great line up of speakers and impressive venues for the field session. So far the draft agenda looks like this:

Day 1
Grazing Principles - Mike Alexander, Provincial Rangeland Specialist (ESRD)
Range Health - Amanda Halawell, Rangeland Specialist (Cows and Fish)
Ranching Women - Nancy Barrios, Rancher
Invasive Plants - Nicole Kimmel, Weed Specialist (Alberta Agriculture)
Waldron Weed Control - Mike Roberts, Ranch Manager
Field Session - Range health & plant ID, ranch near Twin Butte

Day 2
Riparian health and management - Norine Ambrose, Executive Director (Cows and Fish)
Ranching Women - TBD
Carnivores and Ranching - Tony Bruder (rancher) & Greg Hale, Wildlife Biologist, ESRD
Your Legacy grazing case studies (tentative)
Field Session - riparian health assessment

Go to for a copy of the brochure and registration information. Or register here online!